Quick update cheese autoflower

8 day’s into transition and at this point I have not added anything extra what ya’ll think and should I do anything to her or let her be thanks in advance


You keep changing your thread so a lot of missing info. If its an auto leave it.

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Definitely leave it but you should of extended early veg

They are almost done transition there is no going back

Yea pretty far in so what should he do at this point Todd extend flower or what?

Id leave her be. Maybe take a few fan leaves off

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For some reason I had been having trouble with the forum on my end wasn’t able to add to my post but from now on I’ll make sure to stay on one thread…is there anywhere I should stay away from or a particular area to focus on

Just keep using the same thread you started. Then if we have questions we can see the progress or deteriation of your plant with all the information in one spot. Help us help you.



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