Quick question

How goes it Grower’s,

Maybe a silly question but, should you check you ph level for germination? Got a Notification saying my seed is thirsty and need a little bit of water…also what kinda liquid was in the red cap of the probe’s cuz I spelt it by accident…

Thanks growers!
All of you are the best!


Yes check PH every day


This is my first grow ever. So there is a lot of thing I’m learning as I go my stick read 19 ppm / 40 us/cm
And the water temp was 68. What do the first 2 numbers mean? And I got these numbers in the reservoir.

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You could check it, but it’s designed to regulate the pH every hour if I’m not mistaken, so you shouldn’t need to.
I’m 3/4 through my third grow and have never manually checked my ph. So I guess to each their own :man_shrugging:

That liquid was just probe storage liquid, no big deal. But you will need more of it to properly store your probes, you get some if you get the calibration/cleaning kit, which I recommend getting if you already haven’t :+1:


Fuck yea! Thank you! I tip my :tophat: to you good sir. Oh, ok Koo I did get one thanks.



(All this means is to fill your Grobo back up with more [ROwater] or [Distilledwater]):

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