Quick bit of information for everyone

So I’ve been emailing back and forth with the awesome @Robyn and she explained to me that when doing a top up always use the drain/fill option so your grobo can adjust accordingly.
Also after the unit stops filling, do not hit resume to double check as the grobo will register that as a failed fill/drain and might not act accordingly.

I thought this was a helpful bit of information to everyone so i decided to post. Feel free to elaborate or fix what I said @Robyn if I wrote anything wrong and thanks again

I believe my plant is having issues becuase i didnthis every fill/drain


Oh that’s a good tidbit to know.
I can see how the nutrients may not disperse if the Grobo thinks it was a failed fill.
Thanks for sharing!


For sure… in this short time I kind of look at everyone on the forum as weird little grobo family since we are the original owners haha figured why not help the staff out I’m sure they get tons of tickets a day for the same stuff



My sentiments exactly. We are learning the ins and outs of the Grobo, and little things like that are most certainly bound to pop up repeatedly.


I feel like tips/tidbits like this will eventually be added to this section of their troubleshooting page, so that people can self-serve before putting in a support ticket to see if perhaps something like this happened.


Whoops. I think I may have done that tonight. It told me to top up so I got everything ready. When I did it it only stayed on for a second so I thought it didn’t work so I pressed it a bunch of times :frowning:


I must have lucked out I stopped each time the Grobo said either drain complete or fill complete. I then sit and wait about a min or two and you can hear the nutrient pump dispense from one bottle at time about two minutes apart.

@Stephen or @Chris This question made me think. If later in the grow it asks for a top up do we use the built in hose and go to maintenance then go to fill or option 2 just add some water via the reservoir?


@Azuri I’d always recommend doing it via the fill hose even if it is a fill

This tells the system that you’re changing something and will then look for it :+1: