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I think you may be somewhat right. Temp and humidity play a major role in development, simply because your roots bring in the nutrients, if temp and humidity fluctuations are large (say about 12 degrees) either way the plant isn’t able to uptake nutes so well and bud development gets the shit end of the stick. Training also can have a huge impact on how well your plant develops. Either way, you’ve got a point at which to start. Good luck

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Hi All, I am about to start my first grow tomorrow. I have absolutely no experience but I figure I can start reading through all of the info in detail so I apologize if this question was addressed here or somewhere else. I realize this may not be a yes or no situation but, would lining the interior of the Grobo with reflective coating be more beneficial than it would harm?

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No need, the interior is the same reflective white as is the exterior. It was designed that way for reflecting light! :+1::v:

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Stephen, I have a question I am wondering if you could help me with. Gertrude, my GroBo is on day 58 of a 90 day grow using the White widow formula. This is my first grow with this machine.

It seems sometime yesterday or last night the lights had gone off on my machine. I grew a little more concerned this morning when the lights hadn’t turned on as normal at 8am. I thought this could be due to the fact that it is approaching flowering time. However at this time I had also noticed the light had ceased to kick on when the door was open as it had previously regardless of the status of the light/dark cycle.

Is this to be expected at this time or any during the grow, or has my light blown out?

I should mention I have reset the machine twice at this point and each time had the machine reconnect to WiFi without issue. Also worth noting when logged into the app I am able to lock/unlock the door but not cycle through the light settings.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated
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It would be better if you send a support ticket instead of posting that way they can review your data.

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Thanks this is just what I did