Questions about first grow

Ahhh, I forgot to check that before. I unplugged it and plugged her back in and then the light still was off for like a min or two and then it turned on. Hopefully should be good to go. Not sure what would cause it to randomly not switch on.

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It’s happened to me. If for whatever reason the power has been off to the Grobo, when it powers back up it seems to look for a wifi connection and get the latest point your reciepe was at and then turns the light on once it knows if it should be on or off.

Failed to realize the Northern Lights strain I had was an AF. My recipe has been adjusted and I was knocked back some days. Here’s an updated picture. Any pruning suggestions welcome. Seems like she’s getting ready to flower and I can smell her some


This should help… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::green_thumb:

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Yea, Autoflower haha sorry. I will take a look at that. Thanks so much!

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My first grow in day 100 has hit the light in my grobo and no buds. What do I do now? Any ideas?


Hey :wave:,

Plant is looking beastly in there, sorry to hear about no buds.

A few questions, what strain are you growing? You mentioned it’s day (100), how many days left until harvest? Do you happen to know what stage your plant is currently in based on the recipe?

Did your plant experience any setbacks during the grow that may have caused the plant not to produce buds? This is a first I’ve seen something like this.

I’d reach out to support and get some pictures sent over to them and they’ll get you sorted out!

Wish you the best and hope there’s an answer to your questions!


Using a generic recipe. Stephen stretched it out 30 days. No setbacks I am aware of. No idea what is happening.

Interesting. This is above my knowledge level, so I would definitely work with the Grobo team to get this sorted out and figure out what did or did not take place with the grow.

Please keep us posted.

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Adding 30 days to reciepe with no setbacks seems unusual?

Are there any signs that it’s a male plant? Can you see any small bulb like sac forming anywhere on the plant?

Is there a chance this plant could have hermaphrodised at some point?

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Well maybe I misspoke. No setbacks other than it hasn’t flowered yet. He suggested I lollipop it and added 30 days to the generic recipe I am using.

Mark this plant down in the ((#NotForGrobo)) Catagory… We don’t want to be hitting the lights with not a single bud on the Plant… :astonished: I thought ((Popcorn buds :popcorn:)) were bad enough… Let us know your outcome with the ((#GroboTeam))… Looks like we need to ((#RaiseTheRoof)) with this one…


Hey @Growbot

Looks like you have no recipe on the unit right now, what’s the status? For everyone else, these were my thoughts on October 25th…

The plant is looking really healthy, great job so far! Surprised to see that it is such a slow flower producer, usually see lots of white hairs and little buds forming by now. I’ve added an additional 30 days to your flower stage. We can keep an eye on your flower development and continue to adjust if needed. Might be a Sativa strain, they can take forever to flower and ripen. Patience is key. Your new expected harvest date is Dec. 12th.

I don’t think you have removed too many leaves either. I recommend removing all of the undergrowth that isn’t getting any direct light. Leave 1 foot of leafy canopy and remove the rest. (Measure from the top down) This is called lollipopping, because it makes your plant look like a lollipop!





Sorry for the confusion. Yesterday was day 100 and since the plant was hitting the top of my grobo, we decided to remove the plant altogether from the grobo and pot it. We will see if there are good results in the future. We are going to clean and restart the grobo and hopefully we will have better results. Thanks for all your help.



Ah, that makes sense. You gave me a fright when I went to check your data and she was gone! Good luck on the next run.


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Hey. This is my first grow. I’m grown chemdawg and this is my 62 day into the grow. Should I be worried that I have not seen any bud production yet. I wonder if I pruned to much in weeks past. My plant dosnt seem all that tall either. It’s not even above the first fan in the Grobo. I feel that it looks nice and healthy but maybe I somehow stunted it’s growth. What you think? Any suggestions?


Here’s a different view. A side view to help you see full picture.


Can you answer this question for @Pete?.. :thinking:

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