Question - Late Veg, more lollipop or hold some

Newbie here, first grow, day 14/14 late veg cycle, just removed some large lower fans and small undergrowth that would not see the light of day, performed some LST. Wondering if I have enough off of her or should remove a bit more to open her up a bit for light, or does she look good for the end of veg? This girl is strong and growing fast. FYI it is a sativa strain from Humboldt Seed Co

Im afraid she might get too tall, just above second fan now, I could top again or hold


She looks really good man! For now I wouldn’t take anymore leaves. Give her some time to recover and re-grow.

Looks like you are in a great position for flower. Keep us updated on the forum here and you’ll make it to the finish line no problem!


Looking good for your first m8 :+1:Very tidy :clap:!!

I would put her into Transition & continue to trim as needed :wink:


Thanks! Any recommendations on nutrients for transition as a supplement? I’m currently adding small amounts of hydroguard, armor si, and calmagic.


@kruegerand - Those supplements are ok but just make sure you don’t go overboard and add too much. I personally like to add Big Bud in Flower weeks 2-4 but I think most folks here just let the Grobo machine dispense the nutes.

Is it possible to relocate the CO2 bottle to underneath the canopy? It kinda worries me seeing it suspended in the air like that above the plant. It is blocking some sunlight being up there like that.

A roll of magnetic tape is very helpful with securing stuff to the inside of the Grobo. I place my Govee monitors on one of the wall panels. Same thing with water temp gauge.
Here is a link to the magnetic tape:

Looks like you have hooks - awesome. Along with the twine do you have any tougher garden ties? These work great for supporting branches and LST


The Only addertive I use is 7mm of Hydroguard every water change, that might change over grows but I still have Much to learn :wink::+1::seedling:

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Awesome, thanks for the input. Yes, I’ve already relocated the CO2 beneath the canopy due to enough room now. I’m about to phase out some of those nutes and get Big Bud for flower cycle and I have some flawless finish for the flush.

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How are you finding using co2 btw :wink:?

I’m thinking of using one of these Auto Cannisters

but I’m concerned that the grobo air system will just push the co2 out waisting its effect

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Not exactly sure how to measure that, but makes sense to help give it all it needs to be stress free, so I tried it out. Since this is my first grow, I don’t have a comparison, but it is thriving and strong.