Question about the drying process

My last grow I did the drying in a in a locker completely dark with temps of 68 to 75 degrees and added a humidifier to keep humidity at apx 55-60 percent. I started on 20 Jan and stopped on 30 Jan 10 days. I started the curing in a mason jar with a humidity packet at 62% on 30 Jan. Not sure how long to cure for or if I dried them for too long. I guess I’m just looking for some tips on the proper way to dry and cure because I don’t have much experience in the process.


Hey @Derald

Here’s some great reading material on the subject. I would cure for a minimum of two weeks after drying.

Original Guide to Drying and Curing Marijuana Buds | Grow Weed Easy


You can cure as long as you want longer you cure the better taste the better it smokes … up to you


Thx for the info

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Thx for the info.

Thx helps alot.