Question about the Autopot

Hi fellow growers!

I was wondering if anyone in this forum has used or is currently using an Autopot system setup to grow their plants? And if so, have you had success with it? I’m currently growing Blueberry in the grobo but also bought a 4 x 4 tent and autopot. This is my first real grow, im on day 16 of flower. Below are images from the last couple days. If anyone has any advice I’m all ears. Thanks in advance.


I’m not currently using auto pilot but I have a lot of knowledge on the product. It’s not my preferred method of growing. For me it’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of water to mix and change. It’s a lot of work to keep your ph in line. Having a water chiller added to the mix is nice to have so you don’t get root rot but this adds more work keeping the chiller clean. Etc

But it works well and there isn’t anything wrong with the system. Just I feel there is easier and better ways. This is just my opinion I’m sure ours would disagree.

Just a FYI @FireGuy using this system now and loves it.

I’m not really sure I answered your question but if you have a direct question on the product I’m sure I can help.

Nothing looks wrong with your Grobo I think your on track.

You can look into adding some carbs (example bud candy) if you want but everything looks nice to me


I have two tents using auto pots. Love them.


What nutrients do you use? I was told to only use synthetic nutrients because the organic ones will clog up the lines. Also i ordered a 6 pot system with air bubblers. I heard you can go up to two weeks without changing the water. I dont have an RO setup, could i just use tap water?

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I was really just looking for tips on the best techniques for using the Autopot. Whats the best nutrients to use, and medium. I was told to put a 3-4 inch layer of clay pebbles at the bottom and around the air pump. Then fill the rest with coco coir and peralite. Starting from seed so it has to be top watered for the first 10-12 days until the roots get situated in tge medium. This is my second grow so just wanna try to cover everything before i jump in. Might pick up a water chiller but then again winter is right around the corner. Maybe the :droplet: will be cool enough without it.

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I agree with this use synthetic nutes. What brand so many choices to pick. I had great results with General hydroponic’s lineup


You could go 2 weeks in my opinion but I think 7 to 10 days would be better. Yes you can use tap water if you town uses chlorine in there water you can bubble it for 24 hours to gas off the chlorine. Plants don’t like chlorine this is really the biggest problem with tap water. If you town uses chloramine it will not gas off. But you plants will grow with just tap water also


I use RO water and I use Super soil so I don’t use nutes, I fill the tank about every 2 weeks when in veg, when I am flower I towards the end I get about 3-4 days on 4 plants. I am setting up a float valve in my tanks so they will fill themselves.

I put clay pebbles on the bottom with super soil. On veg I am layering clay, super soil and a regular top soil. I presoak the pots before planting and then I seed without having to water at all. I don’t think you need a chiller for soil at all. I also have in my tank an automated system with an airstone that pirates the water tank for 30-60 mins every 1-2 days.


I do agree also if your using soil chiller will not be needed. I thought it was going to be setup more like hydro


I dont have a soil chiller, i was thinking about putting a water chiller in the main tank.

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Yes, that’s not needed as the water takes maybe a day to get to the pots water and then it’s the same temp as anything in the tent.

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I see. I was planning on using coco coir and putting a few inches of the clay pebbles at the base where the air stone will be then covering it with the coco. Do you think i need a soil chiller? I live in New York so the temps will be dropping soon.

Was planning on germinating the seeds in a glass of water then putting them into the medium. I think i would have to top water it for the first 10 or 12 days until the roots develop. During the tip watering should i use just distilled water or do a nutrients mix? My plan was to just start the nutrients once i turn on the autofeed tank.

Autopots are not hydroponics. It’s soil NO chiller is needed for soil.

I just airate my holding tank to oxygenate the water and keep it fresh. It sounds like your confusing soil growing and hydro growing.


Sorry all new to this. I get it now. Thanks for the advice. Now i just need to figure out what synthetic nutrients would be best for me.

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No problem!