Push Notifications [Resolved]

Hello Grobo Team,

Any chance the community could get the app to send push notifications either email or text for drains/fills?

Currently, I’ve setup calendar events on my iOS device to remind me on days to fill/drain ect. Ideally this would be done by the app. The app itself shows updates in regards to tips and drains/fills, but requires the end user to log in to see it without any notification on my device. Some of us are away a few days for business/vacation or don’t log into the app everyday. I forgot about the day 4 fill/topping the water off, but logged into the app a few hours after the scheduled time and was prompted to do so which is nice, but could be better with push notifications to our preferred devices.

Not sure it’s possible with the “app”, but in my opinion would be a great addition. An example pic has been added



It does send you notifications to your email

But the app is web based not native so it wouldn’t be able to send you push notifications as if it was native to the phone we get emails letting us know

Hey Chris,

I’m aware the “app” is web based. It’s not really an app, but a GUI, but that said , It didn’t get an email or text about my refill.

I found out by logging in to the “app” which is why I asked ect


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Hmm check it with grobo I get emails that say my grobo water is too low etc etc


New too, but I just ignore them most of the time :joy::joy:

@Osage @chris_barfield

Found it… didn’t notice it because it came from my grobos name. I guess I don’t need notifications anymore :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:





Still +1 on push notifications. I get it, it’s a webapp, but there should be some effort to get a native app that can tell us what’s going on. A simple notification only app in the Play/iTunes store that just tells us to check the webapp would work.

If there was an open API we may be able to get some community development.