Purpura Uno CBD


This is my first non-Grinspoon grow and I’m liking how normal this strain grows. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a specific recipe for it so I’m using the generic indica recipe. I requested the recipe 2 months ago and haven’t heard back but I’m guessing they’re overloaded?

Here are some pics at day 34 of flowering. I just gave it a quick trim, the close up is a few days earlier, there is more brown/Amber right now.


Nice job dude!


Plant looks nice. Not a good idea to have the ona inside unit with plant. If it were mine I place ona outside on top of unit.


Grobo support said the same thing. What is the concern with having the Ona gel inside the grobo?

Done. Ona gel is on top of the Grobo.

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Seen where ppl think it makes ur buds taste like the ona smell and its not pleasing. I don’t have much experience with it but researched a lot about it and that came up frequently.

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I wouldn’t even have it that close to the unit.

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She looks like she going to be fire