Purple MAC

No recipe for the hybrid so I started with MAC1.

I’m in early veg and seeing some problems.

Has anyone seen similar?


Looks like over watering or root rot. Your coco pod looks like it has some green stuff growing around the edges, but it’s difficult to tell from the picture. When you lift the lid up how do your roots look? If they are brown, prob root rot.


Agreed @VermontGrobo

@MyTake23 can you post a pic of her roots and also let us know what the water temperature in your reservoir is?


Pod is way to high up. Need to push it down more because it’s not getting moist it looks like

Have you been adding water directly to your pod or doing any foliar spraying? I noticed the small puddle in front on your reservoir lid is why I ask. This could be your problem as it does appear that your plant is over watered, and the pod looks very wet and has what appears to be algae growth.

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FIRST, thank you so much for replying with help.

Here is a pick of the roots. They still look white.

The extra water near the pod came from a small spill from a cup of water I had sitting in the unit. Was hoping to get the humidity up a little without buying a humidifier.

I’m not sure of the temp of the water but it is only 75 in my bedroom and I have a temp gauge in the unit so I know ambient is always around that level inside the grobo.

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Sorry, here are the roots.


Thanks for the follow up. I put a small cup of water in the unit so it would evaporate and increase the humidity a little. Spilled a bit trying to take pics etc. nothing crazy though.

I saw the input mentioning over watering and got some water out do just the roots are sitting in the water and not the pod.

My drain/refills have all been via the grobo app so not sure why it would fill to the high mark. Evem more intriguing if the pod is set too high etc.

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Pic today after a couple of days with less water.

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Does the temperature spike up during the day? the reading shows a high of 88.5 degrees F

Not sure if anyone can weigh in on the humidity which shows high of 65%

The water temp may be way too high.


Sure humidity for the germination stage needs to be in the 65 range so your perfect! Nothing to worry about there…

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I cranked up the shower one day to try and get the humidity up. That spiked the temp and the humidity.

I abandoned that because of the temp / humidity.

It was back to normal within an hour or two.

Temps over 80 are not good…

Consider a plant trying to grow in the desert. Hard for the roots to take hold for anything under 50 humidity for a plant just starting out. Try keeping temps under 78 if you can.

The 88.5 high may be the problem. Think what happens when you put leafy greens in a hot pan.


  • (#RootRot): (If you take a closer look at your roots it appears you have collected a bit of a slimy substance down the length of your roots):

  • (If she stays like this she will get worse): (#RootRotFix):



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