Pump noise

Your roots will over grow most of the bubbles, so id keep it on max or high.


Would it be better then to upgrade to the unit with two outputs that aerates the amount of water in the res? Or when it says ml/min, does it not need to be the whole tank at once? I don’t know what any of that means, sorry.

I have the air stone on the bottom that comes in the grobo and I added one circular stone on the upper right and one on the upper left hand side of my reservoir and it does wonders. I use a seperate pump that splits the circular stones on each side and sits outside the grobo.


Hi all :wink:

To cut a long story short back & forward to i must say V Helpful after sales service & decent replacement pump received :wink:

I’ve managed to find this:

I’m already running 1 & its TOTALLY Silent & just ordered another to increase the flow rate :wink:

To all those wearing ear defender’s out there I’d give it the once over :wink:!!!..


It wont let me attach link but I could send u an email wiv address :wink:

I am having this same issue and does not seem to be wires. Mine is super loud, but if I press on the air pump or wedge something against the back, the sound lessens about 50%, but still enough to hear 40 or so feet away. For $10 I already ordered a super quite more powerful external, so might try to cut the wire like people say above and not take it a part and possibly mess up something else.

If this is the route you’re going to go, i’ll save my time pulling apart my unit today.

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Thanks if you can I would wait. I saw an easy way today in the forum that should work I hope.

Thanks again and we really appreciate all your help, you helped a lot. My other post was a dupe, I did not realize my other went thru here.

I can, it’ll just be later today. Probably get it all done by 5pm PST. parental responsibilities…with a 5yr old and all. Keep in mind, if you cut the wires…warranty GONE! Also, there’s a possibility to cause a short as the pumps is always receiving voltage and shorting + and - can cause extra damage.


We moved it a little and got around back. It is what we were thinking, the pump is not fully screwed down and moves up and down 1/8 to 1/4 inch.

I got a small screwdriver and tried to tighten if thru the hatch :grinning: with no luck. We got some tape and might not look the best, but we taped it from the inside to the outside bottom.

It is much better, but still loudish, so we are still thinking on replacing it when the new one comes this week. Not as important as it was, just if it could a little quieter it could help.

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Sorry man, hectic day after dropping off my kiddo. I’ll get those pics sent over later today.

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Thanks, no rush, the pump is not coming until Wed, so might not even try to do it until the weekend during the drain and fill.

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Hey if you didn’t have time yet, I found a video and they just opened it from the back. That seems like a simple way. Still many thanks for everything you helped with. :grinning:

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Sorry bud, after your last message I thought I had a little time. Glad you found something, and yes, it’s only like 6 screws i thing to open the back panel, and the left panel is another 4 i think. You can either tighten the pump down or follow the wire and unplug from the board :wink:


I ordered the smaller 10g size and they sent me this larger one. I put it in :grinning: and looks like it is working fine. FWIW, get this or the small one, makes a HUGE world of difference with the sound level. It is night and day, get one as sooooooo much quieter.


Wow, what a difference. People need to do this if they want it quieter. I keep thinking it is not on :rofl: and have to go check on it as it is so much quieter now. The fridge is way louder than it now.


The noise problem of my pump fixed itself all by itself…
The pump died on my 3rd grow, 8 months after I unboxed my Grobo…
I did not notice, but my plant did
After a week it start looking really bad.
I discovered what root rot looks like.
Now the plant is growing happily outside and i started a new one in the Grobo…
Gosh, this plant was looking so good before that stupid pump almost killed it


Where is yours as ours is right in the pantry off the kitchen, so we see it all the time. The only problem might be if/when it starts smelling, but we have an air purifier that I hope will cover it. That is why the noise matters so much, ours is right there and used to be able to hear it in the living room before.

est-ce qu’il y a une section vidéo sur Les problème du GROBO,
C’est plus simple de regarder des tutoriels… pour améliorer le GROBO
MERCI D AVANCE , Pour les vidéos d’explications

Bonjour Laurent…
Oui il y a tout plein de video sur Youtube