Pruning and topping your plant to increase yield

Understandable :call_me_hand: I did only get one set due to price and have found other methods. It is just fishing line and magnetic hooks basically.


Hi, this is my first grow. Im on week 5 and I bought a nice set of clippers. Does it matter where on the branch to make a clean cut when prunning?


Are you talking about for a topping? Or just branch pruning in general?

With branch pruning (or cuttings for clones) I think it’s best to cut as close to the stalk as possible without damaging anything you want to keep, like buds forming. Basically chop the whole limb off!

With topping, it’s generally recommended to leave a little “knub” to add support for the branches (it will eventually get hard and strong so the branches can’t easily be split by training etc)… as opposed to cutting completely down to the split

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Hi, yes actually pruning. Topping seems easier lol. Im actually unsure which branches or what to prune and where.

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If you’re unsure about pruning branches, leave it alone for now. You’ll have time to prune branches later on in the grow, she needs everything now

We can definitely help you out when the time comes!

Thank you!!!

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