Proper curing temps

Hey y’all! What is the recommendation when it comes to curing? Temperature and rh? I’ve done tons of research and it’s different every time. I have a chart, however where it say CURE it doesn’t tell me to open the lid and for how long. What’s y’all advice?


Drying buds in a mason jar before smoking.

  1. Dry in Grobo for five days before curring in mason jar.
  2. for the first week Open jar 30 min 2xday
  3. for the second week 30min daily.
  4. after week two to several months less frequently.
    If buds get moist add Boveda pack to reduce humidity or add humidity to dry buds.
    Buds can be stored in this manner for 5yrs or longer if no moisture causes mold issues, if so it won’t be healthy to smoke.
    Keep in a dry, dark, and cool place.

My rh is holding at 57- 59% with my 65% pack in a amber jar. Temp is around 72 should I burp or leave alone with the pack until the rh raise to about 60-65? @Bplatinum9 @Todd.grobo @SWSVIC @Russel_Richardson @Hellyesshedid

Hi, I’m a novice but have been watching Grobo’s YouTube videos. I’ve attached one with @Stephen 's curing process. Hopes this help. Stephen, anything to add?

[How to] Cure Cannabis Quick and Easily - YouTube


Thank you :blush: I don’t know how I missed this video :thinking:. I put a 65% pack in mines because my rh was low. Doing this brought it up to a Consistent 59-62 which is waaaay better than the 39% I was lingering at. Ok so 20 mins it is. I was only doing 10-15 because of the rh before.

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I would always burp, you can raise the humidity with the packs, but the air exchange is crucial for the release of chlorophyll which gets rid of the hay taste and smell.


Thank you!

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