Prettiest Pot Plant Ever

I planted this AK-47 (Ak) in my tent the same day I started one in the Grobo on New Year’s day. A few weeks into the grow I noticed the Grobo Plant (Rusty) was looking really distressed. I contacted support and they said not to worry about it, it would recover in a week or two.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a rust fungus and I learned more about rust fungus in the next few days than I ever wanted to know.

Fortunately, the learning I did, paid off. Ak came down with it a few days after Rusty did and I was able to rescue this one. The effects of the rust infection is also evident in the growth of this plant. Once infected the plant is always be affected in some way, not always the same way. This one has stunted vertical growth, but extremely dense foliage. I really cannot see a stem on this plant, the undergrowth is so dense, and the foliage is ultra lush. I wish i had a camera capable of showing its beauty but I put new batteries into my old dive camera, only to discover it no longer works at all :frowning

I hope the experts here can help me out on what to expect and how to care for her.

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