Prepping for rolling black outs

So our governor is planning to do rolling power black outs in the city of Los Angeles during the heat wave this weekend. I am trying to put together all the things I need just in case the outages are too long.

So far, what I got is:
2 extra USB air pumps and airstones
5 power banks
2 USB fans
2 USB LED grow lights + 1 power bank with 36 LED lights
1 USB Humidifier
Hydroguard for the reservoir water heat

Are there anything else I am not thinking of for my doomsday prep?


Sounds good. Damn though. Hopefully it doesnt damage the unit

That would really suck :coffin:

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Make sure you have some kind of surge protection

Thanks ToddYYC, I am definitely using a surge protector for my expensive electronics.
Had a Projector Arcade cabinet mod melt during a power surge 8 years ago so I learned my lesson lol.


I’d go with a UPS and plug in the Grobo and associated electronics into it. The UPS ensures clean electricity, mitigates surges, and provides power in the event of a brownout or complete power failure.

With mine I get about 1hr of battery time.


Ideally, you use the UPS to provide enough electricity and time for you to go out and hook up the generator

That’s awesome! 1 hour backup power. I Definitely need to get me one of those, thanks @miami5th, I can probably even tether my phone to keep the grobo online and operating,

Yeah I have one for my server at work however we only get like 30 minutes to save before everything shuts down.