Prepping for an outdoor Green Crack Grow

Need help moving plants from hydroponics eventually to outdoors.

I have been using this Grobo product to start some seeds ahead of time before the weather permits me to plant outdoors. I want to grow 5 total, so I need 2 more if all 3 of these come through. (I can’t do all 5 at once)

My question is, can I put the more mature ones in a pot with soil and then place it outside during nice days and bring them inside when it’s nighttime?

My goal is to get them planted outside once the last frost has passed. Any advice?


Hydro roots and dirt roots are not transferable
I did try last year. Keep us posted if you succeed


Are you telling me I’ll have to improvise and find a way to grow at least two to three 6’ tall sativas indoors using hydroponics?

This sounds like an adventure.


No im not telling you anything but i would just suggest growing in your medium directly outside for better results. I restarted and still had 5 foot tall plants. Just make sure you have somewhere to hide em at night. No light for 12 hours


You could take 2 clipping and make 2 clones… Then you have your 5 plants…


Last year I transferred a clone from its starter pod to the Grobo, then when I suffered from dampening off I put it back in soil in a pot outside. It was end of summer, so it did not have a chance to grow very tall. I fed it drained Grobo water from the new grow. It worked out ok, I harvested a fair amount of good buds from shorty.

2 weeks after transplant



Thanks, Crasch. You told me so much with one link. Much more than two messages that aren’t “telling me anything”.

I think I’ll try this method and see how it goes down.


It seems risky, you could lose a plant or 2. But I am going to try to use my Start to do the same. Ill probably try to pop some regular seeds I did not purchase online; less of a loss if it does not work out.
Keep us posted.


No need for the passive aggressiveness. Were all here to help and learn.


Then just say what you want to say. Not “I’m not saying anything.”

Im used to giving bad news. You just want someone to tell you what you want to hear. There is a differenceif you got the time and moola to try this endeavour then enlighten the rest of us with your upcoming new level of experience and share with the community. No need for the behavior period.


“I’m not saying anything.” = bad news

I came for help now I am supposedly the bringer of info? What exactly have I proffered as the gospel?

Let me explain why you annoyed me from the first post. I ask something and you say “it can’t be done!” With no explanation as to why. Then you end with “Let us know if you succeed (in this endeavor I have declared impossible).”

If you were right, why tell me to try anyway? It’s like me saying, “You can’t gain muscle on a caloric deficit. But let us know how it goes.”

Since you aren’t as smart as me I’ll explain what you should do for next time.

State your opinion clear and concise. Next give reasons why you think you are correct. And optionally give advice for how you would recommend moving forward.

Still with the bullying and aggression…



Well your welcome… You know people like myself and @Todd.grobo don’t get paid to be here… Out of the goodness of our heart we are offering help… You said your short 2 plants I told and way to get 2 plants for free plus faster than starting 2 more seeds… How you feel that wasn’t helpful is news to me…

I think you should lay off the roids and maybe you wouldn’t be such a dickhead

Good Luck on your adventure… You can kiss my Ass…


Preach my brother :joy::pray:t3: Agreed on everything u just said I think :thought_balloon: even what @Todd.grobo said is more helpful than not saying anything at all :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


I think you might want to get some Mycorrhiza for when you decide to transplant to soil, if you still plan to do so. It will help your plant during the transplant so she does not shock too much. It’ll help with root development and nutrient uptake, kinda like plant steroids, but completely natural. Highly recommend.

Mycorrhizal Inoculant by DYNOMYCO – High Performing Strains – Concentrated Formula – Improves Nutrient Uptake – Increases Plant Yields Enhances Resilience to Stress Saves Fertilizer (100 g / 3.5 Oz)

Good luck. Be excellent to one another :fist_right::fist_left:




Thanks a lot for your help @OrionsCeiling. Believe it or not you are possibly the only reason I still post at all on this site. I’m a little disappointed by the community so far to be honest. You’ve been nothing but helpful and courteous and it’s very appreciated.
I’ll keep posting as I seem to be getting more replies lately, which is good.

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