Pre-Order ($300 discount) question [RESOLVED]

Grobo Team,

I know prior to your most recent round or pre-orders you were advertising very heavily that the unit would be discounted $300.00 off the total cost of the unit bringing the total cost down to $1299.00 from the $1699.00. This however never happened and last that I spoken with Bjorn a incentive of some sort would be put in place of the discount as discounted price would not be honored due to manufacturing costs.

With that being said has your team come up with any solutions and or packages for pre-order customers?
A $300.00 discount is a significant hit that some if not all were looking forward to having access to, should we expect to receive something to make up for that (i.e. next round of nutrients are provided by Grobo, additional warranty coverage, technical support beyond basic coverage?) I know this information was mentioned briefly through email, but I was hoping something more solid has been confirmed within your team.


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Grobo Team,

Any updates on this topic yet?


Hi Rich,

It looks like there is some confusion here on the numbers. We launched discounted pre-orders in 2016 when we originally were going to price the Grobo at $1,299.

Since then, our costs for production have been significantly higher than anticipated which is why the latest round of pre-orders in April 2017 was priced at $1,699 with a $300 deposit. We do not currently have plans for any additional discounts on that price, however that price is locked in and will not change. Your position in the shipping queue is locked in and we will also be offering a payment plan to make Grobo more accessible!


I’ll email you directly, sir!