Pre-Mixing Nute's

I am a bit of a forward planner, and I would like to pre-mix my nutes for my experiment grow. I’m using general hydroponics Flora Grow set (macro, micro, bloom) along with hydroguard, recharge, and Golden Tree (prob going to stop using it, it smells really bad!).

Is it ok to pre-mix these nutes and store them for a week? Or will this diminish the effectiveness of the hydroguard? I don’t add the recharge until I am ready to change out the water.


I personally like to mix my nutes and have them used up within 7 days… I find the longer you hold them the more the Ph gets unstable…

Now I do normal fill pales of water and let them sit in the dark with the cover off to let the chlorine gas off a bit… Chlorine will keep all your beneficial bacteria in hydro-guard / recharge.

Now if it’s R/O water then your all set no Chlorine in R/O water