Pre-germinated seeds

hey all -

2 questions about germinated seeds and the Grobo. I got my box and set it up yesterday and had already started to germinate a few seeds which have sprouted. I moved one of the seeds to the coco pod last night and just wanted to check that, per a thread that I evidently can’t link, but is called “Seedling/germination”- I still let the Grobo just run as normal and don’t attempt to stop or move to another stage?

If that’s right, is there any advantage to actually germinating via the paper towel method, or should I just stick the seed straight into the Grobo next time?

Lastly, I germinated a handful of seeds and most of them sprouted. Obviously, that’s a lesson for next time but can I keep these seeds alive and useful somehow or are they just wasted?

Thanks in advance, excited to keep on this journey :slight_smile:


put the seed in the pod and let it go. Dont alter the schedule and youll be good.
There is a “preference” only in germination method. Both work. Both dont work. Use what you prefer.
Try growing the other seeds in a pot on the window sill at about a month old. In the meantime you can use your grobo with a small pot to help them start out. dont cramp it though :slight_smile:


Thank you - so, the fact they have already sprouted really makes no difference?

If so, next time I will just let the Grobo handle it all. Thanks again!


Welcome to the community @Bojanglez! I love what @Todd.grobo said about starting your other seeds out in the grobo and then trying to finish them on the windowsill so you don’t waste them!

I’m only on my 3rd try here at growing a plant in the grobo, or growing one at all for that matter, but I’ve already discovered that my personal preference is to germinate outside the grobo in a shot glass then move to paper towel. People do get them to pop straight from the coco pop though. :wink:
I only try getting one seed to go at a time myself, the precious little beans that they are, as I only have one growing space for them at the moment and that’s my grobo.