Power outage help

I recently had a power outage for 24 hours. I found the section on what to do for the plant but never found out how to open the door if its locked. Just wondering if anyone knows. Just in case it happens again.

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hold down on the back 3 seconds when powered. When not powered no dice. So when cleaning and repairing always open your door first.

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Thanks i was just wondering

There is a way to unlock but it does require opening the top of the unit. I believe @420farms had to do so. Care to share 420?

If i do something like that does it void the extended warranty

Not sure, I voided my warranty before I even turned my unit on, I’m the wrong guy to ask :joy:. I’m sure if you were to submit a support ticket they would instruct you how to perform the operation without voiding.

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Yeah, it probably voids your warranty to remove the top, but I had no other option because when mine arrived some of the cables had come loose during shipping and I had to in order to reconnect them. Anywho, if you don’t mind popping the top off, there’s two screws on the underside of the front screwed into the wood, and there’s two screws in the back. Be careful when you lift it because there’s a cable that connects the LED to the controller board. The lock itself has two little screws in it that when removed, will allow you to remove the locking mechanism out of its housing, then presto.

If you want to stay legit, the only way is to contact support and follow their guidance.

Best of luck