Potential plants

@bjorn some of my speciality plants. I will be trying some of these as future grows.

Some of these would be great to start in a grobo and move and that will be my goal. The roots are similar for most parts. I have been successful In getting most of these to grow outside but want to rereally challenge that with the the grobo. Calgary is the sunniest city in canada I’m sure I’ll get it to work soon.

The website my friend got the seeds from was greenscape gardens. I have been tempted to use green barn farm as well to offer some variety to my current mix. I have over 30 plants and fruits outside the house and another 30 plus inside.


@Todd.grobo - did you start your pineapple from seed or from cutting the top off of another pineapple and rooting that?



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That’s the top of one I ate. Glass of fresh water every 3 days for about 6 to 8 weeks. Roots get nice and big. The pineapple is 2 years old back in may. Should produce fruit next year.
Any of these would easily fit into the grobo to start bur they get really big and sharp.
This is why I’ll figure out the best way to start and transplant because sometimes the only battle is getting good initial root growth. Calgary is very arid and like 18 hours of sun in a day. It can be a bit much for plants that aren’t as developed. The tropical tree attached and the vine fruit from a previous shot are from seed.


@Todd.grobo you’ve inspired me to try growing a pineapple. I’m going to try getting roots off the top this week!


Change the water every week and remove all the big outer leaves by just peeling them off backwards. Post some photos and have fun!

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That’s awesome! We have been working on growing a pineapple and avocado tree at the office for a while (that’s all @chris!). I’ll have to check out Greenscape Gardens for seeds!