Plant not flowering?

I’m growing a northern lights # 5 x amnesia haze. I’m on day 66 and I don’t have any buds. Can someone tell me what’s going on?!


What does the app say your current stage is? Are you past “Transition” and into “Flower” now?

Did you happen to pick a recipe with that little (A) on it? If so you might need to switch to one that doesn’t have it – those are autoflower recipes.


It is on day 14 of flowering. I chose the generic hybrid recipe.(101 days.) I extended the flowering phase to 46 days total thinking maybe it just needs more time?

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It is possible that it’s a slow-to-flower strain, that’s not unheard of but just isn’t as common.

At this rate you will need to extend the flowering stage even further; no need to extend immediately just do it as you get closer to the end of the stage if it needs it.

That recipe looks right, so that can be ruled out.

Out of curiosity, did you happen to get your seeds from i49? Or, do you happen to know who the breeder is?

What time did u set your lights “ON” and “Off”? I would physically observe if your Grobo is turning “ON” and “Off” at the time u set it at. Your lights should only be on for 12 hours a day to initiate flowering.


Yes so the light cycle is on 12 off 12, I got
The seeds from homegrowncannabisco
So the site says it is mostly sativa with a flowering period of 8-10 weeks.image


Have u seen the lights turn on and off during the 12/12 period… My led in my grobo did not turn off during the night cycle and i had to replace the LED Gasket…

Yes the light goes off. I’m thinking it may just need a lot more time. It actually seems to be getting taller

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