Planning Ahead, Next Grow

With ~7 days left before I harvest my 8 Ball Kush, I am trying to decide what to grow next. I have a HerbsNow dryer, so I can clean out my Grobo and start growing again rather quickly.

I am trying to decide between:
THC Bomb - Bomb Seeds: Average height 25 - 35 inches
Shiskaberry - Barney’s Farm: Average height 31 - 47 inches
Gorilla Bomb - Bomb Seeds: Average height 35 - 51 inches

I want to try and choose a seed that is relatively short, so it doesn’t outgrow my Grobo before it even starts flowering :laughing:

I really want to try the Gorilla Bomb, but the potential for it to reach 51 inches may prove to be more of a chore, even with super cropping it.



Well, there is a bit of lee-way with overall height on the grower’s part using LST and other methods of controlling the hours of light (I.e.: flowering vs veg modes in Grobo) that will alter the plant’s height. Some genetics will grow stocky until they transition and then shoot up and double in size during the transition phase, others will again stretch in flowering for a third time. In my opinion, a shorter veg phase on a strain that will get to 50” or so under ideal, normal growth phases will allow for a shorter plant. This is from opinion, not from experience. I hope this helped!

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Shishka was on the big for the unit size but decent bud.


Shiskaberry was one of my favorite black market bud I ever had!


oh my I may have to look into shiska someday… I have enough seeds to last a few years though unless I build a tent. :rofl:


I’m hoping to avoid having to super crop. Don’t want a friggin jungle growing to the light 2 weeks before it get’s flipped to flower, lol. :rofl:

Think I am going to give Gorilla Bomb a shot.


I hear ya! Cant wait to watch. My next one in the Grobo will be shishkaberry or a kush pheno