Pineapple express g13 labs

Hi fellow grower,
I am also growing pineapple express. Just wanted to let you know this strain grows good in warm humid climate. One of the reasons I picked it because I have problem keeping my humidity down in Grobo. Hope this helps.
Happy Growing.


Quick update.
Day 28/43 of flower


Lookin good! 49% humidity isn’t TERRIBLE for flower, but right on the cusp of potentially being too high.

Hopefully @AandM-farms is right and the Pineapple can handle it… Some strains are much more mold resistant than others, depends on their genetics and climate of breeding!

When did your Humidity hit 99% cuz I see a “High” on there saying that? Is that all time or 24 hours measurement?


That was a while ago on my first grow I left a humidifier near too high for longer than expected and it go to that point. But yeah. Hopefully it doesn’t get moldy. I got a fan inside the unit to circulate as much as possible.


So I’m thinking of starting flush soon. Most pistils are amber and some bud sights are getting really dark almost as if they’re getting burnt. I know pictures don’t do justice. But yeah this grow is almost done I think at day 114


Looks like from what I can see your buds are prettttty ripe, you’re probably right with flush soon!

Beautiful plant!!!

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