Picture Mode

I’m sure you guys have had the light start changing right as you’re snapping a pic. I’m gonna agree with @SilverGrobo that the pic mode should be longer than 30 sec. Or have an option on the app to go from 30sec-1min. :+1:



Oct 22

Feedback on Showing Data Troubleshooting

**This is my first experience on growing this bulb for sure… bulb **For me, (you know what I need) to control the photo mode… One click to activate until I close the door works for me… bulbbulb For the data part of it, (click a hide-button) if it’s on the top page (so I can choose to see bulb or not to see bulb)… I’m not very bright bulb when it comes to info… (hehe) **When I saw the Grobo :groboone: it looked like it could be a good growi…

I found it, I knew I read this somewhere lol.

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I totally agree the oic mode is not long enough at all…it’s really annoying trying to take pics using the pic mode…the time should be changed to 1-2 min…it would be absolutely amazing if we can see this lil change :raised_hands:t5:


Almost 2 years later and this is still a problem.

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Use flash on your camera and it fixes the issue. No Grobo picture mode needed :call_me_hand:


thanks bro I’m gonna try that out.