Pics of my Autoflower's

My Banner is doing great

My Critical Purple Autoflower’s

My new manifold 12 line 100ft of tubing 1gal per hour…

It’s not FFlex but has great reviews…


My next grow I’m building hydro halo ring for irrigation.

I believe this will evenly water my soil. Which I believe was a problem I been having.

Now the drawback to this product is you need a pump with some good horsepower.

@Merle_Carsten one word advice would be when you build your manifold with any watering system make sure you T in the middle of your main line and feed it left and right side to get even water pressure. Hope that makes sense.

Halo in action (comes in different sizes)

Note this video they are not feeding T’d into the middle of the main line


Looks like it is made better for sure. Because we all know these small lines will gum up and fail faster than that 1/2in line…

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