Pick up at your location

I was at the Toronto lift expo 2018 and spoke with a grobo rep. I would like to purchase a unit but I want to pick it up . how would you like me to proceed thank you in advance and have a great day


Hi @Moose54,

Reach out to support@grobo.io and we’ll help you along with that process :slight_smile:

If anyone else is reading this and wants to pick up, the way it works is that we will send you a discount code for free shipping. Once your Grobo is ready, we’ll email you and find a good time for you to come pick it up, get a tour and meet the team! Everything is built in house which is pretty cool to see.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you would see (I took this photo earlier today!):



Awesome picture, looks like a Grobo army :groboone:

I’m gonna have to make my way up for a tour! I would love to see HQ and finally meet the Grobo team.


For sure, you’re always welcome!

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