Ph sensors

Hello everyone! So looking for input. Last week, I read someone had suggested to clean sensors weekly. So when I changed my water last week (I use distilled), there was pink goo around sensor. Just did my weekly water change and checked sensors again. Had pink goo again! The pic of sensor is after being cleaned a week ago. I cleaned it with a toothbrush again today. Is this normal?


Ph Probe looks clean to me… Also I wouldn’t do weekly cleaning on it. You also have to be careful not to scratch the glass on the probe it can damage it.

Also the correct way to clean a probe is to soak it in “clean” solution


Just info if you didn’t know this don’t let the ph probe dry out it will damage it. Need to stay wet always.


Bottle #5 has a red color and may turn the water in the DWC tank reddish. This may cause water/red color concentration on the tip of the probe. Not to be worried too much about it. Like @Mpower11 said it is probably overkill to clean it every week but maybe every 60 days is a better schedule.

If you don’t already have one you should get the pH Calibration and Conductivity Probe Care Kit:




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Yeah…the goo is kinda fleshy…:nauseated_face:

That dollop of goo in the above pic is after cleaning a week ago.

But I will say, no more brown spots since cleaning ph probes.

I think I’ll just check them weekly and clean anything off as necessary. That growth has to mess with the ph sensors.


That’s a good idea if you drop your external Ph probe in the nute tank should be around 5.8 to 6.0 (per my personal observation with Grobo)

If it’s out of range let us know and we can help you out