Ph level

Hey Growers!

So I’m doing a water change and I’m adding hydroguard and recharge, but my water ph is really high 9.18. Is the grobo gonna level that out for me?

Many thanks!


That is kind of high to start out with, the Grobo will adjust it to its set range. :+1:

But if ya can maybe add some ph down so it isn’t such a PH swing for your plant Roots. (Like closer to the 5-7 range if possible):twisted_rightwards_arrows: :potable_water:

Otherwise if you can’t adjust it before it goes into the Grobo you should be fine, just keep an eye on your grow for a few days to watch out for deficiencies / leaf color changes. :eye: :deciduous_tree:

Hope that helps! :sunglasses:


You have been very helpful! Thank you so much.


You will also be losing a ton of nutrients to level that out.
Its best to start with a closer ph from the beginning.
Are you using RO Water or Distilled? Please do not use tap water.


I’m using distilled water. It went up high after I stirred in the recharge, and I don’t have any ph down. Didn’t think I need any when I have the grobo. But than I started questioning myself. It’s a good thing I asked for Help.


You can always scrap that water and recharge and just use the distilled.


Just f.y.i bottles 1-2 are pH :arrow_up_down: :+1: so if your ph is going to be that high to start then you’ll only be using the down bottle mostly

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