Ph down

Its possible this could void your warranty on the machine. Just incase you want to check with support before voiding it out.
Whatever you choose wishing you much success and we will all be watching! :eyes::+1::seedling:

My warranty is already up :grin:

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Dang! Then I’ll be sure to cross my fingers and toes! :eyes::seedling:

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Looking at the MSDS for the Grobo PH Down and the one for General Hydroponics.

Grobo’s contains 7% orthophosphoric acid

GH doesn’t specify, just gives a range of 10-30%, which is annoying. It also has citric acid, 5-1-%.

I’m thinking maybe dilute it with 40% RO water? Or can Grobo deal with a different dilution?

Has anyone had luck with this? I’m outside the US so getting Grobo nutes isn’t a great option for me.