You mentioned the possibility of encountering pests or disease and explained spider mites, thrips and others, but did not mention the solutions to these infestations. What’s the fix if you do encounter them?


Ladybugs help eat some of the pest … also you can use natural Foliar Spray like been oil once a week or so… I’ve seen people add sand to the top layer of the soil to block pest from making it there home … I’m sure there’s more ways


Hey Chris,
No soil. I’m using a Grobo. Are insects a risk in winter indoors in a Grobo?

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Bugs are a risk every time you go outside and come back inside to your grow, and could even come from fruit or other garbage left out too long. You just never know, so yeah, ladybugs are our girl’ friends!! :+1::v::heart_eyes:


Bugs are less prevalent in hydro systems but they can still occur … so @Osage is absolutely right you can bring bugs into your grobo from hair, clothes, and even pets without even knowing … with that being said just pay attention if your walking the dog through the woods then I’d maybe wash my hands change my shirt before start to handle your plant … things like that will help prevent an infestation … good luck


Can you recommend a specific spray… I don’t see any criters in my grobo, but i did see a small chunk of leaf missing that makes me a little concerned someone else is living in the grobo.

Did you check the backside of your leaves for bugs?
Not recommended that you use sprays in your grobo.
Neem oil is a healthier alternative.
Not on your plant though just in a small dish set in the grobo