People in Quarantine

To all my fellow all growers friends, How is everyone coping with this world wide epidemic of the Corona Virus(COVID-19) ? Here in Ontario as of tomorrow all non essential businesses must close for 2 weeks or possibly longer. My part time job as far as I know will still be open, I work part time as an Apprentice in the Automotive field. My other part time job at a local cannabis factory has temp laid me off until this out break has calmed. During these hardships I wish everyone to be Safe and Healthy. As a team we can tackle this virus/disease. I have hope and faith that we will all be here for one another during these tough times. :wink:

Mr. 420


Same boat @Mr.420
Laid off last week. There anticipating this to last 9 months

Same here in CT Last day of work was on sunday. No pay. Filed for unemployment let’s see what happens.

Half a million Canadians filed for EI last week.

Its crazy how life can change in a spur of the moment! Stay safe brother! I’m curious to see if they implement any stricter conditions in the following days here in Ontario??

I wish you the best of luck my friend! I heard over half million people filed for E.I last week compared to 27,000 last August.

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(NoJokeWeAllNeedBioHazardSuites): :biohazard::warning::sos:



I agree 100% :wink: I actually saw Corona Virus protection safety suits for sale on amazon not long ago.

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