Pax3 worthy

I need to cut the Bacca Down/…Out :flushed:!!

Anybody got any thoughts on the Pax3 then :wink:?:thinking:?

Already using a Magic launch for yrs :wink: but not very user friendly & can be messy :roll_eyes:!

Think the Pax could meet my requirements though :wink:
Ease of use
Choice of substances
Etc Etc :slightly_smiling_face:…

But do they work & work well :thinking:???..

Not growing i know please forgive me :flushed::roll_eyes:


The pax 3 works well. I use it as my daily for the past 2 years.


I use the Mighty with the stainless Sneaky Pete cooling unit.

Nice unit but a little bulky
Pax has a good rap​:ok_hand:!:wink:!

I have one, it works well, great for on the move smoking.

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I just used mine! I like it a lot, but its my first vape.
I grew some outdoor this year that is still curing, or maybe it will just be harsh forever; IDK. But my Pax3 makes it much easier to smoke than the bong.