Par Meter App for Smartphone!

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I just had to let everyone know about Photone. I came across a video on YouTube about this app while researching par meters. I was all ready to drop around $500 on a quality meter and watched the video through the eyes of a sceptic. I downloaded the free app and called my friend to bring over his fancy par meter. After listening to him make fun of the idea that a smartphone camera could be an accurate par meter for 10 minutes we decided to put the app to the test. The app is “free” for some types of light like sunlight, CFL and incandescent lights but you need to pay $5 for the ability to meter LEDs, blue, red, HPS, CMH etc.

I paid the $5 and we tested them side by side. We first made a grid and then took 25 readings inside my tent. What we learned was that there was a variance but no more than 10 par +-. When it comes to par, I feel this variance is more than acceptable, correct me if I’m wrong as I’m just learning.

It’s an app that can save you some money which you can spend on a fun toy instead of a par meter. I have the newest iPhone 12 Pro so wanted to say that in case you try it with an older phone and it’s not as accurate. Happy Growing All!


@Wake thats pretty awesome! I’m going to have to check that out! Thanks for sharing!



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@Mpower11 Did you ever get a chance to check this app out? I still use it and it, seems to do very well. I have a couple friends using it and everyone seems happy with the results as well.


Actually I did purchase the app and shockingly it’s not to far off my high in meter’s. I did a direct comparison to it with the pulse pro and my Mq-500. It’s seen to be about 20 par off which really isn’t much at all. I also found different results using different paper filters. If you played with with paper thickness and brightness of paper I believe you maybe able to to get it as accurate as a high-end metre.

But not sure how a user would be able to figure that out unless you know someone with a high end par meter to test to find out what paper works the best.

This Statement I wouldn’t have said without seeing this with my own eyes

I would highly recommend this app over buying a high-end metre to anyone looking to adjust par because of price. My go to is still the mq-500 because it works great and I already own it. But if I didn’t have the meters already I would just go with the app for the price


Really appreciate you taking the time to do this! You are the man. The app prevented me from frying my plants right after I bought the HLG 600 watt monster. i would have killed them for sure as it was hitting 1,350 par from about 3 feet away.

I love this app and use it constantly and yes, when my friend brought over his fancy par meter I tried 3 different types of white paper and now I use the one that worked the best during the test. I’m glad you took the time to review as this app really can save people money. Thanks again :+1:t2:

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