Oxygen aerator stopped working


I’m on day 85 of my grow and I just noticed my oxygen aerator has stopped working, I can’t see a kink in the line, I sent in a support ticket. Should I harvest my plant tomorrow or try and wait it out? Most trichomes are still clear and milky
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hi @Matthew I see your support ticket and am going through that right now and will shoot you a message through the help desk


I’d run to Walmart or something of that nature and hook up a cheap one … just incase


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@chris_barfield I hooked one up through the door for the meantime but I don’t know if the nutrient dosing or anything else is affected by this.

Dosing won’t be affected as far as nutrients … a better way to place the air pump externally is by unscrewing that panel in the back of the grobo on the bottom take off the air line connected to the grobo aerator and connect to your air pump …


Ok cool thanks @chris_barfield that’s good to know!

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@Matthew it looks like @chris_barfield steered you in the right direction, tracking down a new pump quickly was likely the best move here, and he was correct, the back panel is the best place to thread the hose and it indeed won’t affect dosing. Looks like I can go on vacation, you guys have this covered.

@chris_barfield it looks like the update kicked in today so you should see the change in lights this evening, but let me know in our helpdesk thread if you don’t

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I’m doing the clean on the Grobo and noticed when I filled the tank the aerator pump is not working (not producing bubbles). It should be on all the time correct?

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You’re cleaning? Did you end your last grow via the app? If you don’t have a new reciepe loaded then I don’t think it will run. It doesn’t run during a fill either and once it’s done it kicks in.

Hey @Ctaylor684, I’d imagine it would not be on if you don’t have a grow going, filling the unit or if the unit resets, it takes the aerator a min to start. @Azuri, I’ve never paid attention if it’s on when draining…?

I only noticed on filling. Once the fill is completed the light changes colour and you can hear it kick on the same time the light changes. :+1:



This also happened to us, but when we started the new grow it was back on for us, so no worries…


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@SilverGrobo that’s exactly what it was kind made m e nervous at first tho lol but all is good :green_thumb:

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