Outdoor Heat option for large Potted Plants

I am in Nor Cal and today Again its a Hot one :hot_face: 101 . So growing out Doors Here in NorCal I had to Devise somthing to hide my plants through Heat waves and Wind :dash: and oddly enough before harvest Rain . I don’t know if it helps your grow to be protected but I put my plants on moving carts with old metal Grates. The smart pots get a lot more CO2 underneath the pot through the metal grates you could see the drainage too when you are watering.


Oregon we don’t have that heat problem.

So far I have not had to move mine around - I went heavy on the perlite as well - The 10 gallon pots actually real light since it’s mostly perlite. Only downside is more frequent watering and nutes needed


Yes this is true ! Been watering all this week Each day but they drink :tropical_drink: it up and throw their little leaf arms up to sky when the sun hits em like they are so Happy. Then smell of the plant first thing in the morning is an Awesome Distinguishable Scent! Makes the labor that much Cooler
Thanks for the reply



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