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Here’s some pics from my non-grobo grow.

Started germinating in a smaller cabinet temporarily while doing some planning and research. They’re now in a 2x2x5 tent.

DAY 8:

DAY 30:

DAY 46:

  • These are seeds from an earlier grow, both are same age and have shown white hairs out of first pistils.

  • The larger one was topped twice, the smaller one once.

  • The smaller one was stunted before even being planted, half of her taproot fell off while soaking in shot glass prior to planting.

  • I’m still getting used to the settings and height of the LED array. When they were sprouting it was set to be too dim or could’ve been lowered to avoid the initial stretching that took place.

  • The plan is to add a support system for the stems and to raise up the smaller one a bit now that I have an idea of how big they’ll be.

Dealt with a pH/nute issue earlier on as well, which gave me a greater appreciation for how much easier or less stressful things such as this are to deal with in the grobo. Have thought to myself “it’d be nice to just drain/fill with new water right about now” at least a few times while tending to these two.

  • The plant these seeds came from grew in the same nutes/medium earlier in the year outdoors and the only real issue with her were the bugs attacking.
  • This particular batch of soil was baked (at 180° internal temp) and then treated with a tea/innoculant to restore so that could be part of why they’re behaving differently to the same nutrients and soil.
  • My suspicion is that I’m causing a (potassium) lockout somehow because after cutting back on nutes the problem just lessens slightly, and so far flushing has been the only thing that clears it up.

The nutrient regiment is just the AN pH perfect 3-part series, using slightly less than recommended but not by much.

The growing medium is a few gallons from a larger batch of this (32L or 9 gallons total) made earlier in the year for my summertime grow:

  • 10L Pro-Mix Organic Vegetable & Herb Mix
  • 10L Pro-Mix Vermaculite
  • 10L Pro-Mix BX
  • 2L Gaia Green Earthworm Castings

There is a bit less than 3 gallons used in the larger pot and closer to 1L in the smaller pot.

Once these two are complete the plan is to eliminate the soil and upgrade to DWC or aeroponics. :building_construction: :house_with_garden:

Would be interested to hear others thoughts on what the issue might be.


If memory serves, pro mix is a hot soil like fox farms ocean forest (which is what I use, used to use pro mix a few years back). That said the soil already has nutrients in it. I always used 1/4 strength nutes in early/mid veg, 1/2 strength in late veg and that was always good. :+1::v:


@vegetato I use the fox farms ocean floor soil and still amend it with…

Coco coir
Worm castings
Blood meal 12-0-0
Biofish 7-7-2
Biolive 5-4-2
Bat guano 9-3-1
Fish bone meal 3-16-0
Seabird guano 0-11-0
Langbeinite 0-0-22

I let this sit in a closed storage tub for a few weeks before using it.

I add a bottom layer of pumice and pea gravel to help with drainage In the fabric pots before adding the soil on top. Diluted Foliar spray of kelp & FishSh!t added to Distilled water (ph’d) which I’ll use all throughout veg.

Throughout veg my plants only get this foliar spray and ph balanced water maybe once or twice a week depending on need. While still monitoring the runoff for ppm and ph issues.

I dont feed my plants nutrients until flower. My plants needed water every 2-3 days in flower due to the small size of the pots. I use AdvancedNutrients in flower. Spiking the day before flip. I use a half dose of their full lineup slowly moving closer to the full dose each week to see if the plants like or dislike the additives.

My current crop was cut down yesterday (started a few days earlier than anticipated) trimmed and is hung/drying. I won’t enter the tent for 48 hours unless temps and rH become and issue.

Your issues can be many, but a heavy flush fixed my nutrient issues. One plant really liked the extra feed (nutes) the other didn’t (different strains and breeders). What I do when I flush soil is aim for 25-50% run off and use warmer water which will break up the salts. Not hot, but warm.

Sorry Osage, didn’t realize I was replying to by the time I got all this added :joy::man_shrugging::man_facepalming:


Yep :+1: I forgot to add that I don’t feed either until late veg or so depending on what plant tells me. Actually an important point :+1::v:


Yep :+1: I forgot to add that I don’t feed either until late veg or so depending on what plant tells me. Actually an important







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@James, kudos on the tent you’ve setup - that came together quickly and looks amazing by the way. Very curious to see how it evolves. :popcorn:

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A few pics from just before Christmas:

Was away for a few days but was watching them remotely. On the last day they got angry without water:

Fed them and saw a bounce-back the next day. There was some irreversible damage to the buds that reached the lights:

After cutting those buds off:

A few days later:


These gals are still alive though some tops got a bit burned (again) when too close to light and starved for water for a bit too long. Learning what not to do (or to automate) for next time. :slight_smile:


Some updated pics of these gals, the little one (front-right corner) is doing much better than anticipated, really hoping those buds stack up as much as it seems they might:


DAY 101:

Around the time I expected her to slow down on stretching and focus on flowers she instead kept popping new branches with new buds instead of working on the older existing ones! The new growth was either too close to the light or just tiny little buds compared to the older ones, so I kept clipping them off if they hit the light and bending what I could down into an empty area:

DAY 105:

Checking in a few days later, the stretch just wouldn’t stop, this had been going on for weeks at this point:

DAY 110:

A few more days later, she is still stretching so I again pruned any branch (or whole sets of branches) that had smaller/new buds and cropped the remaining tops into the empty areas again. I also changed the light schedule from 18/6 to 14/10, as I suspected that these ladies might have lost some of their autoflowering traits (as they are from bag seeds from autoflowers) and were just continuing to veg and make new flower sites instead of focussing on finishing:

DAY 116:

Nearly a week since that last big clip and crop session and the stretching has seemed to have ceased and the buds are starting to stack and fatten:

DAY 118:

Still looking good a few days later:

DAY 119:

This is probably the biggest set of buds and they’re stacked for a good 2-3 feet below this pic, not to mention it’s a branch coming from the little runt in the rightmost pot:

Some good action in the center of it all:

Can really see how much abuse she’s had to take, bends and cuts:

Here’s an action shot of her photosynthesizing:

Quite the picky eater as well, it’s been tough keeping this one full and happy which has me looking forward to converting this to DWC after this grow:

So far these ladies have been fed late at times or not at all, dehydrated a few times, subjected to dry/hot temps (mainly due to low RH), getting too close to the light and had a tonne of new growth clipped because it was just too tall. Had expected to be harvesting soon but at this rate it’ll be another month or so at least. :timer_clock:


DAY 132:

It’s been a few weeks since changing the light schedule and she’s definitely focussing on the buds now.

DAY 137:

The hairs are quite photogenic!

DAY 146:

Looking better week by week. Probably another month to go, as has been the case for the past few months of this grow… :laughing: :repeat_one:


DAY 191:

Took a video of this one before wrapping up. Will probably end up using for extracts as there’s a lot of dead leaves to trim out in some spots. Have been impatiently waiting for her to finish so I can replace this with a new setup and start something new.



(DoISeeSeeds):? :question:


((#Harvest)): (#LearnSomeThingNewEveryDay): :clap:




Ooooo good eye there @SilverGrobo wow lol. Looks like it may have some seeds in those :eyes:. Hopefully just a swollen calyx

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This strain always has swollen calyxes. Had pinched a couple when they were soft there weren’t any seeds I could find. They’ve since been harvested and shrunk as well.

If I do find a few seeds that’d be nice - that’s where this one came from. :slight_smile:


Ah that’s good then :+1:

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