Other big problems with the grobo :(

I put the grobo on dry mode and the temperature is to hot and the humidity is way to much low… Nice automatic box👎

This is more marketed towards, being in a controlled environment, such as a home.

I have mine in a garage, but the garage is insulated, in a new build house - I have not had issues with temperature. There has been some times the unit got a bit hot, but I got a good 2 ounces from the grow.

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For my grow waz not really well only 2 or 4 degrees of different between the light open and close… And now post this for the DRY Mode and the best environment for that is have temperature of 19 degrees or 65 68 Farah and have high humidity of 50% to 60% IMPOSSIBLE reach this with the grobo more easyy in a tent!!

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Yes - Tent is better, and cheaper.

For me, the fiancee loved the look of this grobo in our garage - To try and put up a giant black tent in our garage - Not happening.

I agree with all the problems you are stating - Im looking to get a second grow box for the garage - On the fence about a 2nd Grobo -Ii think there could be better things out there(I dont want a tent though, and I know you pay a premium for this grobo)

The leaf and seedo, which I have been considering, can hardly ship units for years - At least grobo has a product. I did enjoy my 1st grow as well.


Yeahh totally agree with you love the style of the box but maybe more work that I think… Did you have check for the Notherlight grow box… For my first grow waz not bad good quality I think and less that 1one oz so really need to do something different on my next grow

My biggest fears It have issues with the nutrition bottle because you dont have notification of something for tell you… And I try the air filter on the top THE ASPISRATION IS NOTHING that conot olding a paper leaf and the fan in the box it real joke :joy:… For the price I really think they should change something

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Yeah, I have checked Northen Grower - Its all pre-order, like the other units I liked

I did auto for my first grow(Purple Kush), it went like 30 days over schedule, but it was an auto, I did no training, and yielded 2 ounces even - I could have got lots more with some training, and effort. I was satisfied.

I agree - price is high for what you get. If I could get one of these for about half retail, I would hapilly deal with the issues.

Software side, could solve lots of issues - Let us control, and see the data for EVERYTHING

Taking this unit apart to un-clog it, its pretty basic parts I noticed, but made for an easy grow, provided my garage is adequate temperature.

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How long for that yield? It does seem small. Did you do any training?
What was strain?

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Yes I use the recipe for the seed Blue Cookie from croop king seed I did one topping at 6 notes do some training… But I add nothing to the grobe I was trusting im… And I dont no if a have a problem with something in the box because she arrive really bad in the shipping… I my next grow gonna add some hydroguard and recharge and big buds add two more fan in the box… Now still I dont now how to modified the air filter because it really bad and the water in the tank dont stay to much cold for have good condition roots and still the bottle nutrients never no she gonna work well all the grow??? Mysterious box for me now:(

@help me to see inside this box

I read that Seedo has closed there doors


Oh wow! They seemed to have the most promise of all the grow boxes.

Leaf seems to be struggling as well - Constantly pushing our ship dates on the product

If you want join there Seedo user Facebook Group. You will see so many people upset that they stole there money and it sounds like there office is closed now. This is where I got the information from but really all I’m saying is don’t send them your hard earned money.


With the shipping and everything My box stay stuck on the Canadian border I pay almost 4000$ for get the box at home… She arrive in bad condition with open box… So frustrating for this price

The door was impossible to close… Need to put neww stuff for closit… I did by my self because support grobo never answers to me