⛺️Orion’s 3x3 & 2x2

Have you ever considered biological control?


Like lady bugs or praying mantis/predator mites? I’ve thought about it but I am unaware how capable I am of applying this without them escaping lol.

But I constantly look for praying mantis to place in my tent. Is that what what you are referring to?


Yes exactly what I was referring to. Glad you know of the other options out there that’s all.


Nice. Yeah I’m definitely looking into it. I’m also thinking about cover crop in order to try and smother them out but that takes a while.

I’d prefer not to buy them because I feel like they’d come in bulk or something, but I only need to cover about 15 square feet of grow space in total, so if I can gather them from outside I’d prefer that… we’ll see what happens but I’ll look into ordering them in the mean time


I personally haven’t tried it before but it’s no a bad idea… You have a really good handle of everything… Excited to see how everything turns out


Thank you! I’m very excited as well, glad I’ve got you on my side. I’ve got a few routes I can go from here, but in due time. Right now I just want this canopy to fill out


A photo from last week.

The plants drink at different rates so I am hesitant to feed them all at the same time.
I’m eager to build an auto watering system. I’ll have the schematics worked out tonight and it should be built by the end of the week.
I’ll need it before I leave for a week on vacation, at least for the 2 gallon pots.

My aunt is going to come feed the plants in the 5 gallon pots as well as the plants in the 2 gallon pots that have been vegging for 46 days. Some phenos are growing faster than others. That is most certain…
Upon topping two of the plants in the 2x2 2 days ago, I noticed that 2 of the plants are producing extra leaflets on the newest fan leaves. Seems to be a sign that they are healthy and growing vigorously.


Day 3 of flower for these young ladies
They were just fed so there is a bit of saggage.

I’ll be going away for a week so I hope they will be okay while my aunt waters them. Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers::seedling:


How did the nematodes and bt combo work?

Looking great so far


Thank you! Well, I haven’t applied the nematodes quite yet :sweat_smile: I opted for a meme treatment in the last week alongside more BT and that seems to have kept them at an all time low. I haven’t seen many on the sticky traps I placed all over the tent and pots. The plants are producing bud sites at similar rates which is awesome.
This pic was last night, day 3 of flower & 13 in 12/12 overall. I think I’ll apply some amendments soon but I’m not sure what to add at this point. I have not amended since their transplants 33(grape pupils) & 44 days ago


Glad it’s working out for you.

It’s time to amend now I’m not sure what products your using let me know if you need a hand but also be sure to carbs in the mix asap. Get there Terps in gear


I’ll need a hand in a week for sure. I’m on vacation this week and having my aunt water them. I’ll ask her to add some molasses to the water but I’ll do some amending when I get back. I’m thinking castings, kelp meal, seabird guano. Maybe some 444. I don’t want to over-do it too early, though. Something I’m always conscious of since my previous grows.


I’m thinking a 2-8-4 / 4-4-4 combo with castings… If your looking for a flower booster look into Seaweed Extract (water Soluble meaning you add in your water not top dress). Vs going with the kelp meal


I like that idea! My only issue is a lack of 2-8-4 in my repertoire. Time to go out and get some! My local garden store doesn’t carry DTE amendments I like to use so I may purchase from a different brand. Possibly epsoma, which is what my local store carries. Should be just fine.

Is the seaweed extract more concentrated in p/k or something? More trace minerals? Or does it just uptake through the roots much easier? I’ve seen it at the local shop but I’ve never pulled the trigger on trying some over the regular meal I usually use


Something like this, @Mpower11 is what you’re referring to? I’ll check some out & add as a light feed. The girls would probably want something ASAP when I get back, also. Thank you, Mark!

Liquid Seaweed for Plants (32 oz) Quart | Concentrated Liquid Kelp Supplement from Blue Planet Nutrients | Hydroponic Aeroponic Soil Coco Coir | for All Plants & Gardens https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00UBEL5E0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_A17EZMMG40PG5R74K0R9


I have used this product in early flower and liked the results but only 1 feeding no more…

It’s a lot different that the one you linked

Mine is 0-0-17

Works get as a spray also

Before we talk about top dress it sounds to be your looking to add products for better buds. If I’m correct what is your thoughts on tea. Nothing is better for a plant than a nice tea. Plus you can add little extras bonus things into your tea to activate them for better results.

This is my go too

Keep the top dress simply add all the bonus into teas


I like teas! Though, I have had little luck in brewing them in the past. I’m excited to brew some and I think it sounds good. I have a bunch of ingredients for the tea to use. I’ll send pics when I get back, but what’s your recommendation for ingredients for an early flower brew?
That seaweed extract isn’t as available in my area as others but I’ll look into similar ones. Usually I find my teas either are not high in concentration or bacterial/fungal activation. I have to adjust a few factors like bucket size and pump strength etc


First I’m going to chat about current grow then I will follow up future plan

For Tea I’m starting with a pre made base Boogie Brew Base A and B (keeping this simply right now)

Now I will take this tea as my starting point I brew for 24 hours and water down with RO water for 1:2 Rate and use as is…

Sometimes I want to add a little extra

Example say in Veg I need more N say… I will add Frass Grass to the tea but I add this at 18 hours then finish the Brew at 24 hours… If added early it will make a feeding fency in the tea which isn’t good…

Example 2

I will Carbs into my tea in flower… I use Brix… Same thing 18 hours add in brew for 24 hours…

Example 3

In Veg and early flower I will Add extra worm castings in at the start of the brew…

What I do is Add my A and B in a container… You see in this picture I added extra worm castings

Add the Tea in the bag

Then add air stone in bag

Then I add 2 stones medium size stones in the bucket… Air is your friend when making teas

Then after a couple hours

Finished product

This has worked well for me but next grow I’m going to make my tea without buying the Base A/B plan is to follow this recipe




Let’s start here and see if you have any questions and go from there


I don’t know if I recommended this book to you before but it’s great just make sure it’s 2nd Edition


Thank you so much for all the info! This is huge. I’ve gathered the majority of the ingredients and I believe I will be able to put this into action next week. I have the perfect bucket for it and plan to use the organic input method recommended in your book. What a gift, my friend! Thanks so much. I actually am reading a book this week called Teaming with Microbes, so once I finish that I will purchase the one you recommended!

I have some azomite coming in the mail soon and plan to purchase a dry bloom fertilizer soon, as well as bat guano. I’ll be all set I feel. Maybe some insect frass as well. Build a soil might be the spot.