⛺️Orion’s 3x3 & 2x2

So it’s been a while but here’s an update on the tent from today:

I felt that I should place all of my plants in the tent in 5 gallon grow bags for the sake of consistency. So I now have 4 plants going in this 3x3 and have exchanged them for some of the older plants in the 2x2 in order to flower earlier and veg the others for a while. I think that should work.

And if I need the room, I’ll just toss the plants outside. No big deal there, at least for the season!

White bags are Grape Pupil clones from my first ever complete grow. I was able to clone it and then take clones from that clone and now they’re growing again! I love it.

Black bags are a Gold Leaf clone (left) from my previous Grobo grow that was transferred to coco and thrived for a short while until it was rootbound. I LST’d her today so she looks a little unhealthy but all is well, for the most part.
Right black bag is Mind Tricks from a solo cup seedling that stuck it out in the cup for ~3months. She’s coolin.

I think my mix was a bit too “hot” for the plants so they were/are sort of shocked. They went from 7 leaves to 5 leaves to 3 and I’m not quite sure why but I’ll do some more digging to figure out why.

Here’s a shot of the 2x2 for the moment. Looking even healthier in there:

In 1/2 gallon grow bags:
Left - Grape Ape (207) from seed
Right - OMG (destiny exotic) from seed - all four around 65 days from seed

In 2 gallon pots:
(left to right) Sister Cookies (Mamiko) 1&2, also Fluffhead OG (The BANK) - both at 18 days from seed.


Starting to come to come together for u looking :eyes: gd :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Thanks J! Yeah I’m assuming something will have to go outside in order to make more space but I find it better to have options that way. I already have one plant outside bc it was soooo unhappy inside. Doing much better outside tho!!

Keeping a close eye on things for the next week or so and then going to be top dressing with a small amount of epsom salt to correct a manganese deficiency i have spotted in more than one plant. Hopefully this will help with nutrient uptake and rate of growth for every plant.

Thanks for your input!


U growing these organic I know exactly what u mean bro I was close to doing the same but when I took out the sour white out of my tent :tent: Gave me so much space I was able to put my dehumidifier in it if not I would of went down the same route :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Amazing. In just a few months you’ve made enormous progress! Congrats :tada: thank you for sharing in depth so I can learn too :v:t3: :pineapple::pineapple::pineapple::pineapple::pineapple::pineapple::pineapple::pineapple::pineapple::pineapple: a dab a day keeps the doctor :woman_health_worker:t2: away image


Thank you @Fluffhead ! Thanks for all your help along the way and for helping me out when needed! :fist_right::fist_left:

We’ve got a long way to go before I feel comfortable with my process and technique but it’s going well.

I think I failed to mention that I had spotted a few spider mites inside the tent and have administered a humboldt’s secret flower shield foliar spray in order to combat these mites. I have sprayed it two nights in a row on both tents to see how the girls do after that.

I noticed that all plants grow a new set of leaves each day or two, which is good news. Though, the grape pupils in the white 5 Gallon pots have not begun to grow properly just yet. They went from 5 points on the leaves, to three, to one point so that can’t be good. That was the main reason for up-potting. But they should be fine! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: I’m hoping the transplant and the foliar spray does the trick.


We have the exact same set up, 2x2 veg and 3x3 flower. It’s perfect for me.


It’s a great setup.
I’m looking forward to putting my foot on the gas in the 3x3. I’ll probably move the 2 gallons pots (grape ape/OMG) into the 3x3 for flower and rigging them for automated feeding & the manual feeding the other 4 that are in 5 gal pots. I want to flower in the next 2-3wks.

But we’ll see if I can pull it off, I’m not there currently to work out the space of it all, but I will be sooner than later. I have an automated feeding system but I’m not keen on how it functions quite yet. Unfortunately it’s a little bit over my head :sweat_smile: but that’s why I’m on the forums!

Finally felt brave enough to share the setup lol. I’m really thinking this run will be a great learning experience & satisfying yield :pray::crossed_fingers:


I used to hate watering because it took me about 25 minutes holding a spray wand and my back was killing me by the end, yes I’m old. I now use a watering ring and a pump so the whole process takes about 5 minutes now and my back thanks me.


Watered w/ some BT today to manage the fungus gnat nuisance. If anything, they’ll all start growing faster when I rid the fungus gnats but I do not see them flying around. I see about 2-3 new gnats on the sticky traps every day so I figured it is as good a time as any to deploy some insecticide. Everything looks soooo healthy and we are putting out 5 & 7 fingered leaves everywhere.
The new seedlings are looking amazing! Rounding day 19 and the Sister Cookies and Fluffhead are looking established and ready to be topped and trained! Sister Cookies are about 6" taller than Fluffhead currently, with an extra set of leaves and longer branching in between nodes on the main stem. They’re due for a topping any day now.

I’ll be doing plenty of training as I must monitor growth in order to not mess up the cycle I have going in my tents. Fingers crossed she’ll hold out. And wish me luck putting the other tent into flower! About one more week to go before the tent is filled out to my liking with potential bud sites.

No trellis this go around, at least, not yet. I suppose they’ll need one later, but I am wary about doing so as this will hinder my ability to reach the plants. so I will just leave it without this time and LST to widen the canopies somewhat.


I would increase the amount of sticky cards by alot… The more the better… Bottom and top of the pot. You need to kill the adults so they don’t lay more eggs… The Bt and Nematodes will kill the larva . Get a fan blowing on top of the soil if possible… They don’t like dry soil plus the wind will not let them land on the soil to lay eggs…

If you going to move a plant out side make sure it’s still in Veg not flower… The sun is power so ease her into it


Also if you deploy insecticide what product are you thinking?


So I’ve used the BT but I also have a “Flower shield” by HS that I used twice at 2/3 strength. I will increase the yellow cards as much as possible. They’re being contained I truly appreciate your assistance. Things are growing well I’ll take pics shortly

[Humboldt’s Secret Flower Shield] (Amazon.com : Humboldts Secret Flower Shield – Powerful Insecticide – Pesticide – Miticide – Fungicide – Bug Spray – Spider Spray – Plant and Flower Protection – Healthy Treatment for Pests and Fungus (2 Ounce) : Garden & Outdoor)

Here’s the 3x3, watered this AM

Here’s the 2x2, also watered this AM. The plant in the middle is coming in from the outside. It needed to be rescued :sob: too much wind burn.


Be careful bring plants inside from outside this is a really fast way to get bugs in your indoor grow.


Yeah it wasn’t my choice but I found it in there when my parents were having family over. :man_shrugging:

I’m gonna spray the whole tent down w more flower shield just in case. Ugh lol


Have you ever considered biological control?


Like lady bugs or praying mantis/predator mites? I’ve thought about it but I am unaware how capable I am of applying this without them escaping lol.

But I constantly look for praying mantis to place in my tent. Is that what what you are referring to?


Yes exactly what I was referring to. Glad you know of the other options out there that’s all.


Nice. Yeah I’m definitely looking into it. I’m also thinking about cover crop in order to try and smother them out but that takes a while.

I’d prefer not to buy them because I feel like they’d come in bulk or something, but I only need to cover about 15 square feet of grow space in total, so if I can gather them from outside I’d prefer that… we’ll see what happens but I’ll look into ordering them in the mean time


I personally haven’t tried it before but it’s no a bad idea… You have a really good handle of everything… Excited to see how everything turns out