Orca and myco chum to use or not [RESOLVED]

Hi all
So I received some free samples. I asked a couple questions thru plant success and they sent free samples of orca and mycochum. I am still in germination and I plan on just using hydroguard this grow so not switching anything up. But for future grows what do you think if I run both or just stick with the orca? Please any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advanced


Orca yes, Chum no. Chum isn’t good for DWC like the Grobo. It will settle on the bottom and cause more problems then it will not cause. It will also be a PITA to clean out after the grow.

Basically anything that is organic, ie has dead plant stuff in it, is bad for DWC. Should stick to salt based nutrients.


Ok thank you. Orca for grobo once I run out of hydroguard. I will use the myco chum for outside watering.

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