Orange brownish spots growing on my big Leafs

I have orange brownish spots growing on my leafs. I noticed them on Early Vegetation (Day 9 / 14). I cut them off and the plant continued to grow fine. Then they came back on Late Vegetation (Day 1 / 14).

It’s currently Late Vegetation (Day 2 / 14) and it spread from just on 2 leafts to on about 4 or 5. Ive changed out my water on the days it said to change it with distilled water and checked my ph levels. Any recommendations on what I can do to fix the problem?

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Fyi. Cutting off issues on plants only cuts it off and does nothing to fixing the issue causing it.

Thanks for the replay. I realized that after it came back. Posted for suggestions on how to prevent it being my 1st grow. Is it just a normal thing that happens?

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Submit a ticket for a ph check.
Turn your nutrient bottles to the side and mark them with permanent marker so you can find out if they are dispensing correctly.
Check nutrient bottle lines for kinks.


Okay I will try that out thank you!

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