One more week or no?

So wondering if I should go one more week before I transition? My one plant could probably use it but my other one with the stretch would probably be good this Monday! What you guys think? I found out last time that I didn’t have enough light penetration and the canopy was packed, so I’m wondering if I’m better off not being so packed in here or If I should just do a better job defoliating. Either way here are the plants.


Depends on how much room you have to the top of the light …

I have about roughly 3 feet to work with!

This is my first grow using carboload and b52 and was wondering if this also makes transition faster with less stretch? I think I’m going one more week but I hope the stretch is minimal. If not I’ll work on defoliating better. I just hope that I’ll notice the difference with these advanced nutrients. These nutrients aren’t cheap!