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For me I dose once and dose with follow up. Then I give them once a month. I wouldn’t order a ton. I usually order about a week before I need them. They do expire


I know they exp. Ok thanks giving me an idea of cost through the growing.
So add 1 5mil package every month?

It depends on the amount of plants u are growing as to how much you’ll use. For example 5 million covers 200 square feet. I give 5 million and then a couple days later another 5 million and then a monthly maintenance dose. @Merle_Carsten

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I’m doing 12 all together. I’ll plot it up 12 way’s.
But will it kill my root fungus?

Not in my experience.

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It says it kills some fungus but there’s many fuguses I’m sure if it is good fungus they will leave them alone

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