On the fence and need your help...please

Hey all I’m a chef and restaurant owner. Things have been slow due to COVID so I got to thinking about growing some rare tropical fruits for updating my menu. I’m all new to Grobo so looking to get some advice from this community after searching the forums without luck.

Can you grow fruit plants in the Grobo without a recipe? Knowing the ph of 4.5 (acidic) and native tropical climate, is it possible to program in your own settings (ph and temperature) manually on the app? Or are you locked into pre-programmed recipes?

I downloaded the app, but couldn’t get past the setup process to find my answer. I’m on the fence with buying the Grobo for my purposes. Thanks in advance for any help!


You could likely work with @Stephen and create a formula for your fruit and they could add it to the recipe list for everyone


Do u mind sharing what type of fruit it is? Or it’s restaurant secret

I don’t mind sharing at all. Maybe Steve will get to a recipe quicker if others are interested. The technical name is Synsepalum dulcificum, also called Miracle Fruit.

Acidic PH
High humidity
Tropical temperatures



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