Old-school Grower

Growing Marijuana has changed for the better over the yrs. I’ve grown some that was so much better than what we grow today… Yet it got more complex than old-school growing. We’ve had too go find our plants food then bury it all underneath your beans. And keep a distant look from afar so no paths were made and going and harvesting in the late hours of night… I’m 50 years old today and I’ve done a lot in life that Marijuana has been apart of… I remember the first time my 2 oldest daughters got into my very good chronic weed and took some for them selves. One of my daughters didn’t smoke it again for 5 to 6 years. See she got so high it made her dizzy and she had to sleep it off. But my oldest daughter still smoking. She’s 29 can’t say chit. Anyways I have 3 boys that doesn’t smoke. 2 have 1never not even a cigarette. He already has a life. Proud of my oldest son lil Merle graduated.

Well I’m going to work in my Growroom