Ok to put soil-potted seedlings in Grobo?

Hi everybody! Is there any reason not to put a few seedlings (planted in soil in little biodegradable pots) in the Grobo at the beginning of a grow so that the little guys in the pots will have the benefit of the Grobo’s lighting cycle at the same time as the one growing hydroponically in the coco pod? (When they’re ready to be transplanted into something bigger, they’ll move out to the backyard.)



Perfectly fine to do while all the babies are small. @Bplatinum9 actually used a magnetic basket/holder thing to have them on the wall of the Grobo too which can raise them up in case the Grobo plant gets bigger


Yup we all do that i think. Good use!


Thanks, that’s a great idea!

Thanks Todd and Pyro! What about saving the drained water (after a drain and fill) to water plants that are in soil? Will the nutrients that are in the water nourish the soil-plants?


Yup do that too. Dont use too much on your plants hehe


Yep, @Todd.grobo is definitely right.

Check this out:

@Richardswang was watering his plant with the Grobo nutrients in the beginning at least, I think he might have changed to extra nutrients later on possibly if I recall


Yeah that’s how it went until my ph went outta whack due to not being able to read the color in the vile. Got a ph pen to help that issue. But it’s totally do able to start and get you through to flower no problem. Sorry it took me so long to get back to ya broke my phone and have been busy in my new and improved closet grow