Nuts and flushing

Ok so this is the deal, I do drain and fill in Wednesday however flushing starts Friday. Should I start flushing on Wednesday so I don’t waste the nuts?

Up to you. Wont hurt the plant.

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Hey @BigNif_313

This depends on your plants “readiness”. You do not have to flush if she is not ready (meaning the trichomes aren’t to your desired “ripeness”). You may have already done so and I missed it, but have you inspected your buds under magnification to ensure that your plant is indeed “harvest ready”? Don’t worry about sticking to the schedule, this final step in your plants growing cycle requires preference consideration and finesse. Check out the guide below in regards to desired ripeness:

For a better understanding of what I mean in this post, read this article:


Thank you :pray:t5: My plant is ready, I just dont want to waste nuts.

Thank you :blush: I just don’t want to waste nuts

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In that case you can switch to flush as soon as you’d like!

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