Nutrition per grow

My grow is currently on day 22 of 70 and some of the bottles (esp nr 5) are used. I use the generic auto recipe.
My question: Does one set of bottles cover one grow or could it be that for some grows more than one bottle of each nr is needed?


From my experience, you will probably need more than one set of bottles (especially bottles 3, 4 and 5 during the later stages of your growth). Its always good to have extra nutrient bottles on hand.


Ok, thx for the hint.
That is something the grobo team should take as feedback:
I assumed the kit is a one grow. Shipping to my country is quite expensive and ordering tons of plastic bottles does not seem right.
I‘m already investigating alternative nutritions, but I see that’s grobos biz.
I‘m willing to pay for it, but shipping costs or at least the size of the bottles/refills should change.